Are Automatic Pool Covers Safe and Reliable?

When it comes to protecting your pool investment, it's important to understand the value of having a cover. Automatic pool covers are a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use option that can be opened or closed with the push of a button. They offer incredible peace of mind for homeowners who want to avoid accidents or keep their loved ones and pets out of harm's way.

When the switch is activated, the motor turns on and the electric pool cover automatically rolls around the pool area with the help of two tracks on each side. Despite being able to withstand the weight of several people, they will not carry a load of snow. The fabric runs the length of the pool (under the end cap) and is rolled into the housing system just past the deepest end of the pool, below the end cap.

An All-Safe automatic pool cover is a reliable and convenient way to keep your family safe around the pool, while preserving water level, chemistry, and heat for longer. In addition to safety, energy savings, extended swimming seasons, and water conservation, these systems improve the overall pool ownership experience. The answers below will help you decide if your pool qualifies for an automatic pool cover based on its shape and design. Furthermore, from a considerable distance, it is possible to observe whether an automatic cover has been fully extended over a pool or not.

The systems under the rails are embedded in the pool wall or mounted on the bottom of the rectangular coping of pools, allowing the rail to go virtually unnoticed. The Infinity 4000 is packed with innovative features that differentiate it from other automatic safety covers. However, it is important to note that a pump with a garden hose attached should always be kept on top of the pool cover when it is closed.

The decision to include an automatic pool cover will be based on your budget, desired level of safety, and other decisive factors. Ultimately, it comes down to wanting to ensure safety around your pool.

Ben Young
Ben Young

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