How Long Can Pool Winter Covers Last?

A winter cover is a large tarpaulin that prevents debris from entering the pool and minimizing algae growth during the winter. On average, winter covers can last for 3 to 5 years before needing to be replaced. If proper summer protocol is followed, how long can one expect a winter cover to last? According to dealers, safety covers can last for years. LOOP-LOC tires have a 10-year warranty, now increased to 12. Even if a mouse makes a hole in the cover, it can be patched up easily or sent back to LOOP-LOC for repair. It is important to keep in mind that although winter covers are relatively inexpensive, you will need to buy several replacements over the life of your pool.

If you buy a winter cover designed for above ground pools, it must come with a cable and winch to adjust the cover. A retailer that sells pool supplies and equipment can give you a quote based on the unique dimensions of your pool. Putting on the cover is the last step in preparing for winter, according to Gail Rose of Colley's Pools and Spas. A standard winter cover is similar to a tarpaulin and helps retain heat, keep the pool free of debris such as leaves and dirt, block sunlight, and inhibit algae growth. If the pool water freezes during the winter and the ice expands, it can cause the pool to separate and flood your patio. Pool covers also provide important protection for children and pets.

For pools that rely on the sun for warmth, covering it at night can make it warm enough to swim the next day. Standard winter covers are cheaper than safety covers but require more labor for installation. If the cartridge accumulates a high level of chlorine or other harsh chemicals due to lack of circulation, the cover may deteriorate.

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Ben Young

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