How to clean automatic pool covers?

Automatic cleaning of a pool cover is easier when the cover is dry or almost dry. In these cases, a leaf blower works best, blowing the leaves back and forth or blowing them to the end of the front edge of the cover. Avoid blowing leaves into the cover box (the box where the coil is housed). You can also use a soft broom, or even the pool brush to clean the edges, and a dustpan or leaf rake to pick up the leaves.

If there is debris on an automatic pool cover, it needs to be cleaned immediately. Anything that accumulates on the deck will fall into the pool when you open it. A leaf blower, hose or push broom will remove debris. If there is a lot of dirty water on the deck, you'll want to pump it out so it doesn't spill into the pool water when the cover opens.

Finally, for the components to work well, you need to lubricate them with a Teflon-based spray at least once a year. For at least two hours after you have treated the pool, leave the cover open to allow the gases generated by the treatment to escape. Keeping the surface of the pool cover fabric clean is just as important as regular maintenance and servicing. We know this is a lot to take in, and it may seem like you'll be spending all your time on maintenance rather than enjoying your pool.

While there are some general rules and guidelines to help you care for your pool cover, cleaning and maintenance specifications ultimately depend on the type of cover. You may think that you need to leave the pool permanently closed during the winter months when it is not in use, but if the weather permits, it is important to open the cover once a week. To prevent the accumulation of gases from chemicals in the pool water, open the cover completely at least once a week. Because mesh covers allow water to flow through the cover into the pool, they don't accumulate a lot of mold.

So, you're finally considering installing an automatic pool cover, or maybe you just installed one. Sorry, I wish I had a magic solution, but unless the pool cover is inside, leaves and rainwater will add their own markings and colors to an automatic cover. And think about how easy it will be to prepare your pool for a summer party and how quickly you can close it when the night is over. While you won't have much to do, you'll need to periodically check your pool to make sure the water level is high enough to support the cover.

Here, we'll share everything you need to know to keep your automatic pool cover in good working condition throughout the summer. Regular automatic pool cover maintenance will add years to all components and reduce total cost of ownership. Once you spend a weekend closing the pool for winter, you may think you can relax until spring. Remember, while it's important to know the basics of automatic pool cover maintenance and routine maintenance is recommended, you should always contact a pool professional before doing any extreme DIY maintenance or repairs on your pool or deck.

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Ben Young

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