What is the best type of pool cover for an inground pool?

One of the most popular types of indoor pool covers is the mesh pool cover. Mesh covers are great because they allow water to pass through and, at the same time, keep leaves and other debris out of the pool. They're also very easy to install and remove, which is a big plus. Automatic pool covers are activated with the push of a switch, making it easy and practical for the pool owner.

They provide the best protection to keep children and pets safe in the pool. They're the most expensive option, but in the long run they save you a lot of money. This cover prevents heat loss, which means your heating bill won't skyrocket. It also keeps dirt out of the pool, so you won't have to run your filtration system as often and reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean.

In addition, it reduces water evaporation, so there is no need to keep refilling the pool and increasing the water bill. There are different options for how to hide the automatic pool cover and what types of rails are used to cover it. A low-profile aluminum cap can be mounted on the pool terrace that hides the cover inside. Another option is a flat cap, which is similar to the aluminum cap, except that it is level with the pool cover.

The recessed deck cover is installed when the pool is built and surrounds the entire pool. Finally, there are stone and concrete covers. These are the most discreet covers designed to look like your pool deck and are almost invisible. The type of track also influences how hidden your pool's automatic cover is.

The Under Track system, the Recessed Top Track system and the Deckmount System are the three types of rail systems you can choose from. The shape of your pool influences whether an automatic pool cover is even an option for you. Automatic pool covers are mainly used for rectangular pools, but it is possible to use them for shaped pools. It's easier to install an automatic pool cover when you're building a molded pool.

Inground pools are larger than elevated pools and tend to have a wider variety of shapes and sizes. The best types of covers for inground pools are solid safety covers, mesh covers, and solar pool covers. A sturdy safety cover is a good idea if you have small children or pets. Mesh covers can protect people who might accidentally fall in a pool, but they won't prevent smaller debris from entering, while solid covers can do both.

Standard covers also require a pump, so you should be vigilant during the off-season to ensure that too much water doesn't build up on the top and cause the cover to collapse. Robust safety pool covers are similar to traditional basic canvas pool covers, but more durable and safer. Solar pool covers are the best option for warm, sunny climates, as they are designed to be exposed to the sun. The basic canvas used for this type of pool cover is versatile enough to be used in both in-ground and raised pools.

If you have a pool in the backyard, you'll need a pool cover, either to protect your pool from winter weather, keep it clean during the swimming season, or prevent inanimate or animate objects from falling into it. The experts at GRN Pool & Landscape can provide you with expert advice on which pool cover option will be ideal for your needs. Many people who can't decide if a mesh or solid inground pool cover is the best option tend to opt for a hybrid cover. The mesh safety cover differs from traditional types of canvas because it acts like a giant sieve, which allows rain and snow to pass through the cover and, at the same time, retains other debris such as leaves, branches or insects.

This versatile solar cover uses the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays to heat the pool and retain heat, with the added benefit of limiting dirt and minimizing water evaporation. An important fact to know is that these covers cannot support the weight of a small child, so it is important to take other safety precautions to avoid a dangerous situation. As you're researching pool covers, check out some of my other articles on this important piece of pool equipment. Poolwerx has worked with pools of all shapes and sizes and will be happy to help you choose the perfect pool cover for your pool.

I offer pool design and installation consulting and help dozens of pool owners every week with questions about maintenance and equipment. This rectangular polypropylene cover with double strap and triple stitching is designed to keep people and animals out of the pool in the off-season, as well as from falling leaves, snow and debris. .

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