Are there any companies that offer rental services for pool covers in johannesburg?

If you need to rent a pool cover, there are usually four types of pool covers that we can build. We also offer more personalized options upon request. Whether you want to transform your backyard for a private party or host a large corporate event, a pool cover perfect for rent awaits you. At Pico Party Rental, we have a total of four pool cover options.

Our inventory includes built-in and abovetop models. This wide selection makes it easy to find the best option for your place. We have innovated, adopted global trends in pool covers and have been the first in many aspects of pool covers. The right deck style for your event depends on factors including the shape of the pool and the intended use of the covered space.

A recessed pool cover is specifically created and welded to size so that there are no steps above the deck. Basically, a cover is a temporary floor that can be installed over part of a pool or over the entire pool. In addition, PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the oldest manufacturer of pool covers in South Africa and has been covering pools for 30 years. By covering a pool with acrylic or with a utility decoration, you expand the useful area for your event and, at the same time, give it a unique and fun look.

Pool covers allow you to make the most of the area you are entertaining by creating a beautiful and safe platform for guests above your current pool. Rather, they're made to fit into the pool itself, so there's a smooth transition from the pool deck to the deck surface.

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