The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

Automatic pool covers are a great way to keep your pool safe and secure. They provide a barrier that blocks debris, keeps children and animals away, and adds the convenience of a push of a button. Automatic pool covers are made of high-quality parts, including aluminum, stainless steel, state-of-the-art electronics, and high-torque motors. In order for them to comply with safety regulations, they must be perfectly rectangular with square corners and have at least 3 feet of concrete surrounding the pool.

Automatic pool covers are woven tight so they can't let much through. They come with a winch and cable to hold them in place and have an additional 3-4 foot overlap to ensure the entire pool is covered. The cost of an automatic pool cover will vary depending on the type and manufacturer.

The benefits of an automatic pool cover are numerous. They reduce the need for additional chemicals as airborne contaminants are blocked from entering the pool. They can also be retracted during the winter months and replaced with a standard safety cover when snow flies. Additionally, they can prevent unwanted water buildup and maximize safety when combined with a pool cover pump.

Some automatic pool covers are specifically designed to serve as safety barriers for people or animals that fall in the pool. They are usually made of sturdy mesh and each has its own weight limits; the higher the weight limit, the heavier the cover is generally. It's important to note that automatic pool covers can prevent chlorine from dissipating properly, which can lead to corrosive buildup that can damage the cover itself.

When installing an automatic pool cover, you'll need to make sure your pool is a true rectangle and have rails mounted on top of your pool deck. You'll also need to keep a pump with a garden hose attached on top of the pool cover when it's closed. Finally, you'll need to drill anchors directly into the deck so that the ropes on the pool cover can hook onto them and keep it in place.

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Ben Young

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