How can i make sure that my swimming pool is properly drained and refilled over time?

How to drain your swimming poolInstall a submersible pump. Never use your regular pool pump, as it can cause permanent damage to your pool. Turn on the pump and start draining. The submersible pump will start draining the water from the pool.

A period of heavy rain is the worst time to drain the pool. The floor will be full of water, increasing the risk that it will push the pool up and out when emptied. Basic pool care and water maintenance are pretty much the same for Intex pools as for any other pool, so make sure you have all the necessary chemicals and test strips on hand to adjust the levels as needed. Being able to drain the pool to be able to make repairs or improvements, such as painting, will ensure that the pool not only remains in good working condition for many years, but that it also looks good at the same time.

If not, a pool company like The Pool Butler can vacuum for you with their portable equipment. The cost of the materials you'll need to clean your pool will almost certainly be less than your water bill after filling a 20,000 gallon pool. Don't forget that your pool pump is the heart of your circulation system; the right one will not only prevent you from having to drain the pool again in the near future, but it will also help you save a lot. When this happens, the upper edge of the pool also cracks or falls loose, the concrete covers that surround the pool are damaged, and the electrical wiring that goes to the pool lights is damaged, which can pose a great risk of electrocution.

It's every pool owner's worst nightmare, a green pool full of thick chunks of algae, floating debris, and maybe even a dead animal. Remember to provide an escape route for groundwater accumulated under the pool to prevent the pool from exploding. It's likely that even a foot of fallen leaves on the pool floor can be treated with a pool rake and vacuum. You'll want to drain the pool to be able to clean them completely or to be able to wash it with acid.

The other possible hazard for a pool with drainage comes from the exposure of the pool floor and walls to the elements. Once again, the normal pool pump isn't going to work, it's designed to suck up water and, once the pool is drained even a little bit, it will suck in air, causing a myriad of permanent damage. If you think your pool needs to be drained, a professional pool maintenance and repair company like The Pool Butler can confirm your suspicion and help you with the process. If you have any questions about when to drain your pool or if you need help doing so, be sure to contact a professional like The Pool Butler.

Whether you need to replace or simply patch a vinyl siding, or you need to repair the pool's plaster, you'll have to drain the pool to do so.

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