What kind of decking options are available for my swimming pool?

Concrete is and has been one of the most popular materials for roofs. There are several varieties of natural wood, depending on your budget, such as pine, cedar and Brazilian IPA. Wood is often the preferred choice for raised pool covers. Most people have the tools needed to work with wood, and it's generally relatively affordable.

If you are looking for an inexpensive material for pool decks, give the wood a serious look. Whether you're installing a new pool or replacing or resurfacing existing concrete, it's important to consider all pool cover options when deciding what material to use. Just look at the tiles that surround the pools at Hearst Castle in California to unleash your creativity. However, elevated pools require a little more attention to detail with the cover material than ground-level pools.

A suitable pool deck should provide a safe walking area between pool stairs, trampolines and slides, as well as a place to rest. You have to walk along the pool terrace before you get into the water and, more importantly, cross it after leaving the pool drenched. You're about to discover much of what you need to know to make an informed decision about the excellent surfaces of pool decks and the types of pool covers that will require minimal maintenance and, at the same time, provide maximum pleasure. Once you've covered this, it's time to design a terrace suitable for your pool design.

Ben Young
Ben Young

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