How Long Do Above Ground Pool Covers Last?

Pool covers are a great way to protect your pool from debris, sunlight, people, and pets. But how long do they last? The lifespan of a pool cover varies greatly depending on the brand and type of cover you purchase. Cheaper covers can last only one season, while more expensive brands can last up to 7 years. On average, security covers last 12 years. Proper care and storage can help extend the life of your pool cover.

The fabric of a pool cover can break down over time due to temperature variations, pool chemicals, and ultraviolet light. This can cause peeling and weak spots that allow water and contaminants to leak through. To maximize effectiveness, overlapping three feet in above ground pools or five feet in in-ground pools is recommended. Checking the duration of the warranty offered is a good way to get an idea of how long a pool cover will last.

A pool cover pump is also recommended to prevent water and melted snow from accumulating on the top of the pool cover and weighing it down. Retractable covers are made of super durable fabric and designed to keep debris, sunlight, people and pets out. The more fabrics used in the cover, the longer the warranty and service life.

When it's time to change your pool cover, consulting a professional is recommended. They can advise you on when it is time to replace your pool cover and why it is a worthwhile investment. Keeping your pool heater safe from bugs by learning how to keep mice and rodents out of the pool heater is also important.

Whether you're looking to protect your pool during the winter months, keep bacteria away, or reduce evaporation, investing in a quality pool cover is a great way to preserve the lifespan of your pool.

Ben Young
Ben Young

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