How can i make sure that my swimming pool is properly secured from intruders and animals?

Pool precautions Build a fence around the pool. Install one or more water outlet devices, such as the Skamper-Ramp or the Froglog. Place these flotation devices in the water along the edge of the pool to allow animals to go out on their own. Place knotted nylon ropes on the sides, securing them to the edge of the pool.

Make sure that the drain at the bottom of the deep end is visible. Check that the drain covers appear to be secure and in good condition. Make sure that the fence around the pool is secured. If you have a door, close it.

Securing your pool will give you a lot of peace of mind while you're away. You can relax and be sure that you are safe from animals or any potential intruders. Remove debris and clean areas where pests can live and reproduce outside your home. Leaving a clean and dry home with food properly discarded or stored will help prevent the invasion of animal and insect pests.

You can count on Molinari Pools to keep your pool in perfect condition and that it will be 100% ready for you to enjoy when you return. In addition to cleaning the pool and the skimmer basket of waste and vacuuming as needed, make sure that all filtration equipment is working properly and gives the pool an electric shock weekly to maintain adequate chlorine levels. If you are planning to be away from your pool for an extended period of time, hiring the professionals at Molinari Pools is your best option. (BPT) — Summer brings lots of sun, fun and outdoor fun, such as splashing and swimming in the pool.

Learn to swim One of the best ways to help protect your family from accidents in the pool is to teach children how to swim. While swimming is a popular activity during the summer, swimming can be extremely dangerous if you're not careful. Even if it looks clean, you should test the pool regularly to ensure that the water is chemically balanced and safe for swimming. If you have a pool in your home, consider installing safety equipment to keep your children and the pool area safe.

Set rules for the safe use of the pool and remind your children that they can only go near the pool if accompanied by a responsible caregiver. With many community pools closed for all or part of the summer season as a result of COVID-19, domestic pools are being installed at an unprecedented rate.

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