What Size Pool Cover Do I Need for a 16x32 Inground Pool?

After 20 years of experience in the maintenance, construction, and manufacturing of fiberglass swimming pools, we have seen the advantages of using a pool cover for an in-ground pool during the off-season. Pool covers are light and easy to work with, protecting your pool from dirt, leaves, and solar pollution. To determine the size of the pool cover you need, measure your pool from the inner edge to the inner edge to know the diameter or dimensions LxW of your pool. If your pool has steps that protrude from it, you'll need to add that measurement before choosing your size.

Pool safety covers

are a different type of cover available for underground pools or for above ground pools that are completely surrounded by a pool terrace. Winter pool covers have an overlay that fits a pool of a certain size even after the water level drops for winter. Mesh covers can also contribute to additional algae growth in the pool, requiring earlier opening dates or additional chemicals. If you have a pool that isn't rectangular, determining which cover fits your pool can be confusing. You may need to buy a custom cover, but since it is rectangular, it won't be as expensive as a “curved” cover of the same size. Above ground pools use a cable and winch to secure the cover around the top rail of the pool, while in-ground pools use water bags or water blocks as weights to keep the cover on the pool deck.
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Ben Young

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