Do you need a winter pool cover if you have an automatic?

In short, automatic pool covers can be used as winter covers if appropriate precautions are taken to avoid accidental damage. If you choose to cover your pool with an additional winter cover, the automatic cover must be cleaned and rolled into the cover box. A popular question that is asked is: Can an automatic pool cover be used as a winter cover? The answer is yes, however, there are some precautions you should take to avoid any damage to your system. After you winterize your pool and before covering it, you should ensure that the pool water level is full at the normal operating level or even slightly higher.

This will help ensure that your automatic pool cover system works optimally after a long winter without working. Before preparing your pool cover for winter, you should make sure that the pool is also ready for the cold. The car cover won't last as long when used as a winter cover due to additional exposure to the elements. If you think you might need something a little stronger than an automatic cover, you might want to invest in a safety cover with a spring for the winter months.

It is beneficial to have automatic pool cover systems, mainly for safety reasons, but they also help prevent dirt and debris from entering. Manufacturers of car covers have a long list of risks related to using automatic motorized pool covers as winter covers, including: maintaining the proper water level, leaving a cover pump on the cover to extract excess water from melted snow and ice, the warranty does not cover damage caused by winter use, and a cover should only be used as a winter cover if it has the right clearance. If you decide not to use the automatic cover during the winter, extend the life of the automatic cover by using a safety cover during the winter months. Automatic pool covers definitely work well to keep children and even adults out of the pool if you don't want to have them in the pool.

Safety covers do not accumulate water and do not require the pool to be at a specific level to maintain clearance on the deck. Plugging all the pipes in the pool will allow you to maintain the proper water level and will also help prevent damage to your plumbing system.

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