What kind of landscaping options are available for my swimming pool area?

Turn your basic pool into a relaxing oasis with these creative ways to use low-maintenance landscaping plants, hedges, rocks and more in your pool. Many succulents don't have thorns, or if they do, they may be small. Larger succulents with thorns can be planted in the back of a border or raised bed. Ornamental grasses can be low-maintenance and visually appealing near pools.

These types of grasses aren't the lawn grasses you may be familiar with. Ornamental grasses include sedges, reeds, and bamboo. Vines climb walls and make their way through fences and trellises. Most grow quickly and can help quickly form a kind of privacy screen around pool areas, or can be placed as living roofs on pergolas and pergolas.

Container gardens can be beautifully arranged with plants that have similar care needs. They can also be moved depending on the time of year, unexpected weather and special occasions. Choose resistant plants that follow the suspense, fill, and spill design technique, or a type of plant that stays upright in containers. Nothing smells better than the enchanting fragrance that comes from nature itself, specifically from vines, shrubs and trees with a sweet scent.

Plant some near the pool, patio, along a path, or where you can dine outside. Some plants become more fragrant during the nighttime hours. If you have a pool with aquatic features that include rocks, steps, and other detailed designs, consider designing a landscape with beautiful, fragrant and colorful flowers, such as creeping phlox, that peek out of crevices and crevices. Succulents, such as chickens and chicks, also look natural around a pool's rock garden.

Look for plants that love the heat and tolerate some drought, as rocks can get hot if they are around the pool and in direct sun. Especially if you live in a warmer climate, pool owners may want to enjoy their pool even after the sun goes down. The intriguing circular door is a very clever use of pool gardening ideas, as it invites you to explore and, at the same time, provides an impressive backdrop to the pool. Imagine being able to swim or relax in a pool while enjoying an unobstructed view of the mountains, trees, or landscape of the area.

Spending time around the pool can be a complete sensory experience if you add fragrant flowers to the pool landscape design. With clean lines, a narrow pool deck and a well-maintained lawn, your pool landscape can shine without being demanding. You can save yourself from this fate by making your new pool area fun and fabulous with these effective techniques for designing gardens around your inground pool. When adding shrubs or flowering plants to the inground pool area, it's always a good idea to look for colorful, vibrant plants that complement the bright blue of the pool water.

Whether you're looking to add a new pool or improve the landscape around the existing one, use these pool landscaping ideas to get inspired and create a truly impressive space in your own backyard. Simplifying things by using geometric pavers in dark and light colors around the pool can transform even the smallest pools into a modern and refined space. If you also include the latest pool house ideas in your setup, you'll also need to consider how the materials you chose for landscaping will fit the architecture and style of your pool building. In addition, most evergreens and hedges won't dirty the pool water, but beware of some trees that may shed needles in the fall before the pool is covered.

Extending a terrace next to an above ground pool facilitates access to the pool and, in addition, can give the illusion that the pool is integrated into the space...

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