Are there any companies that offer solar-powered pool covers in johannesburg?

PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the oldest provider of pool covers with a range of covers that include thermal covers, safety covers, and fully automatic covers. You have to cover the pool exactly from edge to edge, says Gilda Dobrica, founder of ProSwim NYC and creator of the Teach-Your-Child-To-Swim e-course. During canine summer days, taking a dip in the pool can alleviate the sweltering heat. Dark blue, black and opaque solar pool covers control chemical consumption and are better at retaining heat, so they're a good option if your goal is to keep your pool warm during the night.

In the Swim offers solar covers for pools of all sizes and shapes, along with solar cover coils that will make your pool life easier. If you use your pool frequently, you may want to consider a cover made of polyethylene, which is more flexible and easier to put on and take off. Solar pool covers can help reduce pool evaporation, which consequently slows heat loss and helps keep important chemicals in the water. In addition to keeping leaves and other debris out of the water, solar pool covers help regulate water temperatures and retain heat when temperatures drop at night or when the air cools at the end of the season.

If your pool is exposed to direct sunlight, you'll want to consider the level of UV resistance of a solar cover to ensure that it can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun. Solar covers also work in spring, when the days and nights get mild, but they don't get too hot. The solar cover will start the heating process and allow you to enter the pool early. When it comes to installing a solar cover on your pool, there are a few key things to ensure that the solar cover evenly overlaps the surface of the pool water for the best results.

Wind, air temperature, and sun affect the effectiveness of a solar pool cover and will largely determine the color, thickness, and material you choose. By keeping the pool water warm, you prolong swimming and the fun you can enjoy in the pool all season long.

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